Let Life Smile...

by Hilarie Lally January 02, 2014

I wish I could say we came up with our tag line after hours of sitting in a meeting with several creatives at an ad agency, or that we formed a focus group and spent countless days bouncing creative inspiration off one another. Truth is, Scott and I have 3 kids under 9. There is no think tank, or focus group, we are lucky if we can hear ourselves think most days

I spent hours, days, texting Scott, do you like this? That? We could not agree. I would text a few friends I trusted. Would this tag line work? Nope. Nada. Zilch. Where was 72andSunny, Razorfish, or Deutsch when you needed them? Not only do we not have a top NYC ad agency, we have a 5 year old demanding milk, an 8 year old who wants to go skating, and a 9 year old who already thinks she's too cool for school. So...what does a girl like me do? That's right...I start bouncing ideas off the kids. After rattling off several possibilities with my 9 year old turning her nose up time after time...she asks if she can go over to her friends house. I snap and say, no, I can't leave until we have a tag line. She turns to me without blinking an eye and says, "Let life smile. There, that's it, now can I go to my friends? Geesh Mom!"

And...that was it. I loved it. Scott loved it. No she's not a senior copywriter at a major agency, but get back to us in twenty years...X
Hilarie Lally
Hilarie Lally

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