All you have to do is ask...

by Scott DeNoon June 22, 2015

Even though they have less experience it's always amazing how kids can teach us lessons about life. Over the weekend, on a questionably needed trip for frozen yogurt, our little one asked the woman next to her if she was ok after she hit her hand on the frozen yogurt machine. Chloe was glad to hear that she was fine and continued on her froyo quest. Then it happened, a jump to reach more gummies and a bump on the head brought tears to Chloe's eyes. Those tears never last long (she's pretty tough) but for a few minutes Chloe just wasn't enjoying life one bit. That's when a perfect stranger decided to return the favor and ask Chloe if she was OK this time, and in another act of kindness gave her the remainder of her gift card. Chloe was happy, all had smiles and life was better.

We all have moments when we're not doing well and sometimes all we need is another human being to care enough to ask. It may not be life changing (although sometimes it can be) but it may be just what someone needs. 

We should all ask more and help each other let life smile.


Scott DeNoon
Scott DeNoon

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